• Checking and Setting Lifter Preload On the LS Engine
    Checking and Setting Lifter Preload On the LS Engine

    The LS is officially 20 years old now, yet it seems something new comes along almost daily with regard to performance-building these engines. On the traditional small-block Chevy.

  • Clearing the Air on Bearing Clearances
    Clearing the Air on Bearing Clearances

    Engine connecting rod and main bearing clearances have tightened in recent years for many racing applications, but there are caveats to this trend that engine builders need to acknowledge before bending.

  • Wet Sump Oiling
    Wet Sump Oiling

    For the most part, OEM engines rely on internal wet sump oil systems. There are a few vehicles out there using dry sump systems at the OEM level, but these are the exception, not the rule.

    An OEM cast oil pump can only take a particular application so far though, and that’s when it’s time to step up with a replacement high performance pump. This is typically done during an engine overhaul or new build, though it could, in theory, be done as an upgrade to an existing engine as well. Two major players in the oil system market are Moroso Performance Products and Peterson Fluid Systems, and they will be providing us advice on

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