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Electronic StraightGate40 ESG40 External Wastegate

The StraightGate40 from Turbosmart is the smallest butterfly-style external wastegate for tight engine bay confines and fitment. The StraightGate40 is a zero-offset butterfly-style wastegate that allows enormous flow and almost linear control with unparalleled boost control throughout the entire operating range. Turbosmart's eSG40 Electronic StraightGate is a Patent Pending and based on the success of the Multiple Award Winning eSG50 Electronically Actuated Butterfly Style External Wastegate. No reference hoses, no springs and no diaphragms mean full electronic control via a servo motor and Turbosmart's zero-back drive gearbox, which results in lower current demands and operation stability against huge drive pressures. The Electronic StraightGate40 includes onboard sensors covering actuator temperature as well as valve position in both analog and digital. The Electronic actuation results in the widest possible tuning window from zero boost (if manifold priority allows) to all available boosts.

The Turbosmart StraightGate40 has been designed from the ground up and validated in-house to create a new level of control and flow, never seen in any wastegate before it. The zero-offset butterfly valve is subjected to exhaust drive pressure equally on both halves of the valve, which pivots centrally, resulting in a self-balanced valve against any drive pressure. This self-balancing means less work is required to actuate against even the highest of drive pressures, and a wider tuning window is possible, no matter how the valve is actuated. The increased flow is achieved through the efficiency of a straight-through valve versus a traditional poppet-style valve where the exhaust gas must be turned 90 degrees by the valve.

  • 40mm (1.57) Butterfly Style Zero-Offset Valve
  • 217.4 CFM / 6.16m3 per minute flow
  • Stainless Steel (630) Butterfly and shaft
  • Stainless Steel (347) Main Body
  • Stainless eel (Heat Treated 431) V-Band Clamps
  • 360 Degree Mounting options on V-Band
  • Clock-able Actuator Position (3 x 120 Deg Options)
  • Full Electronic Actuation (Dual H-Bridge Input)
  • Onboard (0-5v) Analog Actuator Temperature Sensor
  • Onboard (0-5v) Analog Valve Position Sensor
  • Onboard (PWM) Digital Valve Position Sensor
  • 7 Wire Unterminated Flying Lead Loom
  • Liquid Cooling for Actuator Stability
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