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Protorque Maximum Starter Motor - 3.1 HP
Chevy 153, 168 Tooth Flywheel, 5 adjustable positions

CVR Protorque Maximum Starters are the ultimate starter for all out race engines. They are a Nippondenso gear reduction type unit and feature a unique aluminium Housing that helps to eliminate hot start problems and is adjustable for header and oil pan clearance.

  • Estimated Horsepower: 3.1 HP
  • Reduction Ratio: 4.44:1
  • Heavy duty 6004 bearing holds drive assembly for unlimited service and proper pinion alignment.
  • Full ball bearing construction, no bushings to wear out, reduces amperage draw, extends unit life.
  • Field coils are series wound for maximum strength (much stronger than permanent magnets).
  • Weight: 11 Lbs. (5kg)
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