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Series 9000 Cast Stroker Lightweight Crankshaft
Holden 308-304-5.0L stroke to 355, 3.480" Stroke, use 5.627" Holden size Rods

A perfect way to increase cubic inches on mild to moderate street engines.

  • 3.480" Stroke.
  • 5.627" Rod length.
  • 2.124" Big end journal - Holden size
  • Can internal balance, may require heavy metal.
  • Suit blocks with Rope Seals
  • Aero-wing counterweights increase horsepower by reducing windage.
  • Straight shot oil holes.
  • Lightening holes in all rod throws..
  • Precision ground and micro polished.
  • Designed after our custom billets and made from SCAT's exclusive space-age 9000 material.
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