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Coil-Over Springs (Each) 275 LBS
2.500" I.D x 8.00" Long

Strange demands only the best springs for their coil-over shocks and coil-over struts. Drag racers who trust Strange Engineering deserve a quality drag race coil-over spring that won't let them down.

For this reason, Strange reached out to cutting edge race teams involved in Indy, Formula One and NASCAR and came away with a name that has been synonymous with winning in motorsports since 1965. Hyperco high-performance suspension springs have been a part of every Indianapolis 500 winner in the last fifty-years. Now, Hyperco has brought that performance technological edge to bear with a line of top-tier drag race coil springs for Strange Engineering.

Strange offers Hyperco springs because they are cold wound from heat treated chrome silicon (SAE 9254) wire; chosen for its uniform wire thickness and lighter weight. Once each Hyperco drag racing coil spring is wound; the ends are ground smooth, the spring is thermally stress relieved and it is shot peened. From there the drag race spring is magnafluxed to detect imperfections, manually inspected and powder coated in a deep blue epoxy base. Drag race springs are then stringently tested for OBD (Optimum Body Diameter) and UHT (Ultra High Travel) properties. Each coil is then tested for spring rate and the rate is stamped directly on the spring. The strict manufacturing tolerances developed by Hyperco yield a spring tolerance of two percent (maximum) for every drag racing spring produced.

  • SAE 9254 chrome silicon
  • Cold wound
  • Optimized wire diameter
  • Stress relieved
  • Shot peened
  • Magnafluxed
  • Deep blue powder coat
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