Product Recall - Aeroflow Low Profile Car Ramps (AF98-2109)

What are the defects on the Car Ramps?

This product does not comply with the requirements of the mandatory standard for portable ramps for vehicles. The ramps have not been supplied with the required instructions and required
safety labels attached to the ramps.

As per safety product recall (PRA number 2023/19822) on the Aeroflow Performance Low Profile Car ramps (AF98-2109). We will supply customers with a FREE retrofit pack which will address
the safety concerns outlined in the recall. Product Safety Recall document can be read HERE

Just Contact Aeroflow Performance on (02) 8825 1999 or [email protected]

Please contact us with your details and mailing address to receive your FREE PACK. You can also pick up your Free Pack at Rocket Industries, 40 Huntingwood Drive, Huntingwood, NSW 2148.

This pack will contain the following:

1. A new set of instructions that have been printed out. They must be read thoroughly and ensure everything is understood before using these car ramps. Instructions can also be read HERE
2. Three stickers outlining the specifications for these car ramps that must be applied to each car ramp and box.
3. Two warning stickers outlining key points when using the car ramps that must be applied to each car ramp.

Once you have recieved your new instruction sheet, warning and specification labels. Follow the steps below.

1. Please place two stickers of the specifications on the end of the ramps shown below. If you still have the colour box these car ramps came in, an extra sticker is also provided for the outside
of the box as shown below.

2. Place the one warning sticker directly over the old warning sticker on one side of each car ramp as shown.

3. Once these are done the low profile car ramps are fully complied and ready to use again.

4. Should you have any further questions please contact Aeroflow Performance (02) 8825 1979 or email [email protected]

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