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Endure-X Solid Roller Lifter
Cutaway with Oil Band Suit BB Chev 396-454

Endure-X Solid Roller Lifters

Today's engines place a greater demand on lifters than ever before. With today's more aggressive cam lobe designs and increased RPM ranges, it takes a superior roller lifter to withstand the abuse. COMP Cams has set the industry standard with the Endure-X Solid Roller Lifters.
Endure-X Lifters are fully heat-treated, machined to ultra-high tolerances, are fully rebuildable and are available for a wide variety of applications, including small base circle and offset applications.

The four main features of Endure-X Solid Roller Lifters:

  1. Removable Link Bar - COMP Cams patented link bar assembly combines the benefits of a removable link bar with the safety of a captured link bar.
  2. EDM Oil Injection Technology - Guarantees that the bearing assembly receives a constant flow of pressurised oil via a precision hole aimed directly at the needle bearings.
  3. Precision Sorted Bearings - The needle bearings are precision sorted by size to distribute load evenly, preventing premature wear and failure.
  4. Tool Steel Axle - The axle is made of wear resistant Tool Steel to prolong the life of the roller assembly, particularly in high RPM applications.
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