A Gearhead's Look at Extreme Oil R&D

Written by Red Line Oil
Your car has more in common with NHRA's top teams than you might think. Just like your performance engine needs extra antiwear chemicals like zinc and phosphorus, or friction modifiers and ester basestocks, the teams you see on TV run with products from Red Line that use the very same ingredients........... Read more ... >>
Bolts often the get the blame when a part fails inside an engine. ARP's Chris Brown talks about bolt failure and some of the contributing factors may challenge any bolt's strength. His TECH5 column also discusses "friction factor" and how to address this oft-ignored dynamic.......... Read more ... >>
Controlling crankshaft vibration and engine harmonics becomes more crucial as engines rev faster and are built with high-pressure-inducing power adders. J.C. Beattie, Jr. of ATI Performance offers tips and advice on damper selection and addressing vibration issues......... Read more ... >>
TCI forms an alliance with RideTech to be their exclusive supplier for shocks. The goal for TCI was to provide their customers with performance and reliability, and both companies have long admired each others’ products. When the call was made, RideTech answered. Check inside for more details.......... Read more ... >>
While cylinder head porting receives most of the attention, valve design is also important. After all, there’s no greater restriction in performance intake systems than the traditional poppet valve. Ferrea gives EngineLabs advice on selecting the right valve and insight into understanding airflow around the valve.......... Read more ... >>
Chances are you probably have a K&N Air Filter installed in one of your cars. What has become one of the simplest performance upgrades you can add to your vehicle, is often the most overlooked, as far as maintenance.......... Read more ... >>

Debate: DART SHP or Restored Stock Block?

Written by Bobby Kimbrough
Ever wanted to know if a restored small block Chevy engine block from the junkyard was that much of a budget saver. We compared DART Machinery’s SHP block to a restored junkyard block build to see what the difference was. The results are going to change your mind on budget builds.......... Read more ... >>
Ron Rotunno of Fel-Pro discusses engine-sealing issues, particularly with regards to head gaskets. He touches on topics like casting motion and thermal shock, and he also offers advice for installing gaskets... Read more ... >>
Mickey Thompson has been leading that tyre category for longer than we can remember, especially when it comes to the street/strip or heads-up drag racing, so we went to them (specifically, M/T’s Carl Robinson) to answer our Top Ten questions concerning drag slicks and radials. Here’s what they had to say... Read more ... >>
With mechanical fuel pumps being redesigned to pump more volume at a higher rate than the stock versions of the muscle car era, why would you want to upgrade to an electric fuel pump? We take a good look at Holley’s new billet inline electric fuel pumps in this product review... Read more ... >>
Many have fallen victim to fighting ignition issues because they don’t properly understand ignition systems and how they work. Instead of constantly fighting this battle or paying someone to work on your ignition, many misfires can be solved by looking back at the basics... Read more ... >>
Not all starters are created equal. Knowing how much torque is needed to crank a high compression engine is one of the keys to selecting a starter......... Read more ... >>