Finding a good compromise between having the response and throttle modulation of EFI with the price and versatility of a proper carburettor is challenging. Many want to keep their classic car authentic and avoid too much retrofitting of parts, so the appeal of the classic carburettor is usually the way to go........... Read more ... >>
The LS engine platform has firmly established itself as the engine of choice for many builders. From mild to wild combinations, the LS has shown incredible performance in varied applications............ Read more ... >>

Aeromotive Phantom Stealth Fuel System

Written by Aeromotive Inc.
The Phantom Fuel System is a complete kit that gives you everything you need to install a fuel pump and baffle / basket into almost ANY fuel tank. It’s like putting the fuel system from a new Commodore into your muscle car or street rod.... Read more ... >>
With mechanical fuel pumps being redesigned to pump more volume at a higher rate than the stock versions of the muscle car era, why would you want to upgrade to an electric fuel pump? We take a good look at Holley’s new billet inline electric fuel pumps in this product review... Read more ... >>