SFI Racing Harness Expiry

Written by Super User
Here is the latest information from IHRA, ANDRA and Motorsport Australia (formally CAMS) on expiry dates for SFI racing harnesses.... Read more ... >>
Connecting rods are probably one of the easiest parts to understand in an engine - they have to make sure the pistons are moving up and down when the crankshaft tells them to. Where things start to get complicated is in examining the design of a connecting rod and determining the best option for your uses.......... Read more ... >>
The ring gap allows the expansion of the piston rings in the bore – due to engine heat – without butting the ends up against each other. If there isn't enough gap and the ring butts up against itself, it will distort the ring's shape, causing a leak path against the cylinder wall........... Read more ... >>
The LS engine has been around for over 20 years now, and one thing that makes this engine such a popular choice with enthusiasts is its durability of the engine. It’s not uncommon to see these engines in stock form go well north of 200,000 miles on the odometer........... Read more ... >>
Crankshaft balancing is just that, a balancing act. When an engine is running, there are many different forces working against each other that need to work in harmony. Unfortunately, the balancing process is something that many enthusiasts rarely give a second thought........... Read more ... >>
Finding a good compromise between having the response and throttle modulation of EFI with the price and versatility of a proper carburettor is challenging. Many want to keep their classic car authentic and avoid too much retrofitting of parts, so the appeal of the classic carburettor is usually the way to go........... Read more ... >>
The LS is officially 20 years old now, yet it seems something new comes along almost daily with regard to performance-building these engines. On the traditional small-block Chevy, everyone learned at a tender age about setting lash, whether it was clearance on a solid lifter cam or preloading the lifters for a hydraulic cam........... Read more ... >>
When our hot rods were new, the limited output of the alternator was enough to sustain the power needed to run the engine with the headlights on. Back then, high-amp stereos, electronic ignitions, and fuel injection were not part of the power draw on the battery. That meant there was no need for high-amp alternators............ Read more ... >>
Back when the automobile was in its infancy, things were very basic. You could rebuild your Model T with a flathead screwdriver, a couple wrenches, and a hammer. Today, technology has advanced to well beyond using simple tools and techniques to build our modern-day high-performance engines........... Read more ... >>
Engine connecting rod and main bearing clearances have tightened in recent years for many racing applications, but there are caveats to this trend that engine builders need to acknowledge........... Read more ... >>
The relative merits and technology of curved vs. straight fan blades have been debated for some time. Davies Craig conducted a thorough research program to formulate the design of fans in which several design types including straight blades and curved blades with and without a ring were considered. Read more ... >>

Top 10 Cam Failure Culprits

Written by Comp Cams
Cams, cams, cams.. While camshafts can and do "go out," something other than a bad core more often than not is to blame. We list the top 10 things to think about before calling foul on your cam........... Read more ... >>
When talking about drag racing tyres, the front tyres are often discounted with being nothing more than along for the ride.............. Read more ... >>
Radial tyre racing has become a staple of competitive drag racing across the country and around the world, and it shows no signs of slowing down............. Read more ... >>
We often hear the heated debate between auto builders about 12-point and 6-point bolt heads and nuts. Both have their own pros and cons and arguments can be made for each........... Read more ... >>
A question came up regarding MSD distributors and ignition systems. The forum member wanted to know which was best: the Ready-to-Run (RTR) distributor or the Pro-Billet distributor combined with an MSD 6AL ignition box.......... Read more ... >>
As camshaft profiles become more aggressive to keep up with larger ports and engine builders strive for higher compression ratios, the chances of the piston and valve playing patty-cake with each other also increase.......... Read more ... >>
Setting and adjusting the valve lash is often overlooked as a simplistic and unsophisticated task for proper engine maintenance, yet much can be gained by paying attention to valve lash.............. Read more ... >>

Wet Sump Oiling

Written by Don Creason
For the most part, OEM engines rely on internal wet sump oil systems. There are a few vehicles out there using dry sump systems at the OEM level, but these are the exception, not the rule............. Read more ... >>
The LS engine platform has firmly established itself as the engine of choice for many builders. From mild to wild combinations, the LS has shown incredible performance in varied applications............ Read more ... >>
Dart Machinery’s founder and Pro Stock legend, Dick Maskin, gives us all the insider information on this cutting edge new engine block............ Read more ... >>
It’s hard to imagine a world without bolts. Bolts and nuts are literally what holds nearly everything we use together, especially things that will have to come apart eventually........... Read more ... >>

Installing Oil Pans The Right Way

Written by Mike Magda
Should the oil pan be installed after buttoning up rotating assembly and installing the oil pump and pickup? Or is it a better practice to bolt down the oil pan after the long-block is fully assembled and the intake manifold is in place? Read more ... >>

Torquing Fasteners 101

Written by Bobby Kimbrough
Torquing fasteners. What it means to you and why should you practice sound torquing techniques........... Read more ... >>

Fire Suppression Systems Explained

Written by Stroud Safety
Stroud Safety offers a versatile range of fire suppression delivery systems for all motorsports applications. With a full range of systems, accessories, and components for your needs, what makes Stroud stand above the rest?.... Read more ... >>

Aeromotive Phantom Stealth Fuel System

Written by Aeromotive Inc.
The Phantom Fuel System is a complete kit that gives you everything you need to install a fuel pump and baffle / basket into almost ANY fuel tank. It’s like putting the fuel system from a new Commodore into your muscle car or street rod.... Read more ... >>

Which Parachute is Right for You?

Written by Stroud Safety
Bob Stroud took his knowledge of parachutes and safety equipment to the racing industry & created Stroud Safety. These efforts by Stroud have made racing much safer for the driver, car, track & spectator. So what chute do I use?.... Read more ... >>
We’ll be installing a twin disc clutch from McLeod Racing on a high horsepower car that will be hitting the race track. But is that clutch too much for your daily driver? McLeod gives us some pointers.... Read more ... >>
Top off your pride and joy with Wilwood's new DOT 5 silicone brake fluid. Perfect for show cars, its special formula makes it non-corrosive on paint surfaces, so spills and drips are no longer a cause for alarm........... Read more ... >>
MSD Performance’s Atomic LS Electronic Fuel Injection system makes quick work of installing a programmable engine management system on any LS-powered machine. Check out the details of its operation inside!.......... Read more ... >>