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Aero Chamber Muffler
3" Offset Inlet With 3" Offset Outlet

The raw aluminized steel Aero Chamber is designed to do much more than simply muffle exhaust noise. The Aero Chamber Muffler produces a deep throaty powerful sound that will not change with time. The Hooker Aero Chamber uses a unique step principal, similar to that which is currently popular in racing header design. The aerodynamically designed chambers flow 23% better and produce more horsepower and torque than the most popular high performance brand.


  • Stepped acceleration Chamber Increases Exhaust Gas Velocity and Maximum Flow
  • Three Internal Bulk Heads for Superior Case Durability and Stability
  • Resonance Chamber and Tuning Tube Cancels Unwanted Frequencies and Amplitudes (No annoying tin can sound or drone at cruising speed)
  • Sound Absorption Chamber eliminates High Frequeny Sound Waves for Deep Throaty Powerful Sound
  • Aerodynamic Lens Directs Sound Pressure Waves into Acceleration Chamber and Out of Muffler
  • Stainless Steel Perforated Internal Plate Eliminates Internal Rust
  • Reinforced Inlets and Outlets
  • 4-3/4"H x 10-1/4"W x 14"L 16 Gauge Raw Aluminzed Steel Case
  • Feature intricate stainless steel, robotic weld seams
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