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V Series Nitro Conrod Bearing Set STD
Suit 426 Hemi With Dowel Hole, Tray of 30, Lower Shell

V-Series Bearings

These parts essentially duplicate the former Vandervell parts under the Clevite part numbering system. (Same core part no. as standard passenger car parts but with a suffix letter "V").V series rod bearings typically have low to medium eccentricity and a hardened steel back. All V series main sets use a single piece thrust bearing rather than the former Vandervell assembled type of construction. V series parts are not available with oversize chamfers. extra clearance parts are available with a suffix VX (.001" extra clearance), and VXX (.002" extra clearance) for some applications. V series bearings do not have flash plating on the steel back. Narrowed parts are available with a VN suffix for some applications. These are made to accommodate increased crankshaft fillet clearance.

The chief difference between the V seriesand other Clevite TriMetal bearings is the use of a lead-indium overlay. Use V series bearings if prior experience has shown a preference for the lead-indium type of overlay. Lead indium overlay offers somewhat better conformability than leadtin-copper overlay with slightly reduced wear resistance.

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