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Rocker Arm Studs 7/16", 1.770" (45mm) UHL
8740 Material, Sold as a Pack of 16

Aeroflow Performance rocker arm studs are ideal for competition and street engines. They are designed to keep your rocker arms in place for precise and critical valvetrain adjustment. Made from 8740 chromoly steel and are heat-treated to 180,000 psi tensile strength. They are concentric within .005" total indicator runout thread pitch to thread pitch, this gives you more consistent rocker geometry. With an extra-large radius base, they are more resistant to flex and will provide a more positive seating.

IMPORTANT - it is highly advisable to determine what the optimum rocker arm stud length is for your particular application. This is especially true when long pushrods and valves are employed, you should raise the installed height of the rocker arm to compensate for the longer than stock components.

Kit Contains

16 x Studs
63.45mm Overall Stud Height
18.45mm Screw-in Thread Depth.
17mm Adjuster Thread Depth.
7/16"-20 Adjuster Thread.
7/16"-14 Base Thread Into Cylinder Head.

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